About Liam

Liam was elected uncontested on the 9th May 2015 to the Overton and Five Crosses ward, Frodsham as a Conservative Town Councillor. Liam is an active campaigner for the Conservative party and thinks this is only right to stand as a Conservative candidate being a party member, but most importantly because he is proud to be and wants to be honest. By no means is Liam influenced by a party whip or encouraged to vote in a certain direction, Liam is an independent party member and councillor.

I have lived in Frodsham since 1998. I went to Weavervale Primary School and then Helsby High School where I studied Engineering, ICT and Business Studies. I then took up an apprenticeship at Heat-Trace Ltd, a self-regulating cable manufacturer based in Helsby, which I completed earlier this year.  I am now a CAD Architect Assistant, for Randle White Ltd based in Warrington.

“ I think an apprenticeship is the best route to go in suit for a career, as this is the best of both worlds; learning whilst earning, there is no better appreciation than experience and for me this is why I choose an apprenticeship other than university or a full time job.”

Before being elected to the Overton and Five Crosses Ward as a Town Councillor in 2015, I spent a lot of time knocking on doors, leaflet dropping and campaigning in Frodsham with other town and borough councillors. I still spend a lot of my time talking and listening to people, discussing and sharing ideas on how we can shape the town we all live in, all of which really inspired me to join the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

I enjoy visiting my favourite Frodsham pubs – The Ring-o-Bells and the Helter Skelter; going to the gym; cycling around Delamere; listening to Black Sabbath, Andre Rieu, podcasts of the BBC Radio 4 programme The Infinite Monkey Cage, and many other things too.

What got me into politics?

What initially got me interested in becoming a councillor was going to the council meetings and being interested in how solutions could be created to solve problems, how the new homes bonus money could be spent, where I handed in some suggestions to a councillor at the time. But all the campaigning I was doing for the Conservative, door knocking and leaflet dropping with town/ borough councillors and the MP shows how close you can get to government, but not only that it is listening, talking and engaging with people on the door steps and in the high street discussing and sharing ideas on how best we could all shape this town that we live in,  and that’s what’s great about being in this position.