Hydrogen is the future!

Professor Howe and Mayor Cllr Liam Jones

I was delighted to have met Professor Joseph How, chair of the North West Hydrogen Alliance and professor at the Chester University, at Thorton Science Park in early March this year to see the great work and facilities to the next revolution – Hydrogen!

Thorton Science Park is where alot of research and development is taking place to deliver a Hydrogen network and infrastructure.  Large organisations like Inovyn, Costain, Cadent, Peel Environmental, The University of Chester and more are coming together to bring about a decarbonised energy market.

Hydrogen has the exciting ability to transform our approach to energy and trigger a whole new revolution in energy production, for the commerical, domestic, transportation sectors to name just a few of where it’s huge potential could impact. We will need a mix of energy sources, not just that of wind and solar, climate change targets.

It is here in the North West of England, or just up the road for us in Frodsham, where this amazing work is taking place. It is important that we source the talent to fuel the Hydrogen project from the North West as we have the innovation, infrastructure and vision to make Hydrogen energy a reality. We should be encourage our next generation to become the Scientists, Engineers, Technicians that will be needed and that talent should come from our primary schools here in Frodsham and Helsby High School, so we can all share in the many benefits this will bring for us all.

For further information, visit the North West Hydrogen Alliance here.

NB: Photo taken in early March 2020, before the COVID-19 breakout.