Barclays Closure!

Yet another bank closure in Frodsham set to happen in February 2018!
Barclays Bank has announced that it will be closing its branch on Main Street, Frodsham. While the trend towards online banking is embraced by many and is irreversible, this does leave some of our more vulnerable residents without the ability to access banking provisions. Conservatives Councillors in our area are determined to embrace technological change and also provide for those that cannot access online banking. Therefore town councillors Jones and Wordsworth and borough councillors Riley and Dawson have today written to the CEO of Barclays to try to secure a staff-free branch in Frodsham. It will take the political will of the council as well as capital investment from Barclays to make this happen. The effect would be to allow Barclays to save on overheads while ensuring that those who need it can withdraw and deposit cash.
The changes we are seeing in the banking sector are not going to be stopped. But they can be an opportunity for us to bring something new and exciting to our high street.