Parliamentary Train

The last parliamentary train arrived at Frodsham station this morning 8am to then terminate at Liverpool, South Parkway. It’s a once a year service that is run, but with the Halton Curve already underway, thanks to Ex-MP for Weavervale, Graham Evans and Ex-chancellor George Osborne; this wouldn’t have been possible without the investment of over £10million to bring back the project! This will allow allow trains to pass through Frodsham on an hourly basis between Wales and Liverpool, which will bring some real dividends to our economies. However, this may encounter troubles with the Labour Cheshire West and Chester administration proposing borough wide car pakring charges and no plan for the Halton curve – cwac own the car parking at Frodsham station. Although, borough councillor Lynn Riley, head of the Conservative CWAC opposition and the Conservatives vow to oppose these proposals and ask that we have a plan for the Halton curve scheme due to open in December 2028and official works to begin very soon! Read Councillor Lynn Riley’s statement here:  Weaver Vale Conservatives for further information on the Halton Curve visit: NCRUG


NCRUG leaflet
NCRUG leaflet