Archive for Month: July 2017

  • Parliamentary Train

    The last parliamentary train arrived at Frodsham station this morning 8am to then terminate at Liverpool, South Parkway. It’s a once a year service that is run, but with the Halton Curve already underway, thanks to Ex-MP for Weavervale, Graham Evans and Ex-chancellor George Osborne; this wouldn’t have been possible without the investment of over…

  • LMS Leander

    All aboard the LMS Jubilee Class 5690 Leander! Arrived at Frodsham train station for 11.30am for a quick water stop and off again to North Wales! For more information check out Wikipedia

  • Frodsham downhill run

    What a day! Well I completed the race, suppose that’s something, but as always I do think this event is really well managed and attended one. It brings everyone together of all ages and all organisations within Frodsham that give it the unique identify and community we are, I’d like to thank the Rotatry club,…