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Please nominate Frodsham Youth club for TSB’s local cause, by completing the charity nomination form, in order for Frodsham Youth club to be in for a chance of receiving a donation.

The youth club does some amazing things for our community, such as providing a safe sanctuary for youth from 11 to 18 years old to hang out and socialise in, providing a subsidised Duke of Edinburgh award, that would otherwise be financially inaccessible, and Outreach programme to encourage youthim that would otherwise congregate on the streets to come to the club and be productive, a teenage mini market – helping develop young entrepreneurial skills and contribute to sustainingredients the club too, Friday night clubs and after school clubs, as well as LGBT support club twice a month and much more….. this charity is doing some great things for our comunity in a world where kids are more inclined to stare at screens in their bedrooms. So let’s get behind this great cause and support anyway that you can, to ensure that the great work donext here continues!

This very simple, easy to complete form only takes a minute – to complete the form use:

Organisational email:

Person to contact: Sian Day (chairman)

Organisation’s postcode: WA6 7QN


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