Frodsham Neighbour Plan



Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan is on the Internet. Finally, the people of Frodsham can have somewhere to make their voice known about the future of Frodsham.

What is the Neighbourhood Plan?

Well, it’s about the future use of land, and how we might as a Town, like to see it used, for example for more affordable houses that we might want with more green spaces and or infrastructure to accommodate more car parking spaces and cycle ways.

The vision of Frodsham plan will be:

  • Thriving and sustainable

  • Value it’s community and heritage

  • Encourage innovatio, collaboration and social cohesion

  • Promoted access to services

Once completed this planning policy document will go to a referendum for the residents of Frodsham to vote YES or NO, as to whether they accept the plan. If it has been accepted the planning policy document will have to be adhered to when it comes to the planners who make the decision as whether a developer has met the document’so criteria, i.e. the developer should include appropriate vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist access provided.

Please take the time to have a look at the site and complete the questionnaire, click here!