Frodsham Youth Association Annual General Meeting


(Far left) Gary, DofE, (Left) Nicola, (Right) Rod, (Far left) David DofE
(Far left) Gary, DofE, (Left) Nicola, (Right) Rod, (Far left) David DofE

I attended Frodsham Youth Association’s (FYA) AGM last night, with a good turnout, where their chair, Sian Day, kicked the evening off by talking about the success of the club and it’s expansion for providing more frequent openings to various specific age groups throughout the week and Friday nights – that continue to be their most popular with some 140 young adults attending on a weekly basis!

“Victim of their own success!”

As a consequence of their increased activity, with the club increasing its number of evenings they’re open, that has had an increased demand on resources. So finding funding hasn’t been easy, which has lead them fund raising and being supported by local organisations, like the Rotatary Club, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Frodsham Town Council; that makes up about 20% of their funding via an a £8,000 grant, with what I hope are relatively little strings attached, giving the Association flexibility with how to spend it – that vitally goes in their favour.  This is because it helps with keeping the lights on and other general matters, such as maintenance, staff etc. Unlike other grants, that do tend to come with heavy strings attached, dictating what the money can be spent on.

As well as a ‘NEW’ LGBTQ group that will once every Saturday of the month, with currently 20 members from the FYA. Thanks to a successful grant bid to Cheshire West and Chester Council, the Association has received a grant of £15,000 for the use of the LGBT group and will be used to recruit 2 paid LGBT youth workers by January.

Finally concluding, with the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) awards, where we had presentations and verbal accounts of the youngsters’ experience when completing their DofE bronze, which saw them complete a 2 day hike that was done using newly learnt map reading skills, pitching their tents and team work. This was done with youth workers, but also as seen in the image above Gary, far left, and David, far right, who are the DofE leaders.

STOP THE PRESS! One of the reasons why this Association is so successful is because of their treasurer, who deals with their finance, Rod Hyde. This was Rod’s last FYA AGM, who step down in March next year. Ithe was Rod and Nicola Mikoleizik, senior youth worker, who initiated this Association 6 years.

(Left) Nicola Mikoleizik and Rod (Right)

Literature containing more information on the Association’so progress below.

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