Frodsham proposed 20mph limits

I was always brought up on the belief that there is no such thing as a bad idea, well I think Cheshire west has no longer made this the case!

Cheshire West and Chester cabinet voted favourably to introduce 20 mph speed limits where appropriate, across the borough, as part of a £200,000 scheme per year for the next 4 years – yes thats 4 years!

Well, Cheshire West have identified the following roads in Frodsham; Fountain Lane, Park Lane, Princeway, Queens way, Martin Road, and Kings way, as appropriate places to introduce these limits. But if we take into consideration the Speed limit assessment Cheshire West has conducted on Fountain Lane and Princeway, speeds on average are between 18.8 and 21 mph! So I ask the question, is it really the best use of this money? On roads where stationary traffic parked up reduces the roads to a single Lane,  causing a traffic calming effect, and having to weave into and out of the stationary vehicles to allow on coming traffic to pass!

Oh, and not only that, if you are court speeding it is also unenforceable “the Police and community officers do not have the resources to physically monitor ” Your West Cheshire

Cheshire West is doing a consultation, so please have your say by visiting their website and giving all feedback or questions to: by the 18th November 2016