Archive for Month: October 2016

  • Poppy display

    It’s officially Open! Frodsham Poppy display at the health centre was opened today by the World war 1 working group. 


    Frodsham Youth Association Annual General Meeting #FrodshamYouth I attended Frodsham Youth Association’s (FYA) AGM last night, with a good turnout, where their chair, Sian Day, kicked the evening off by talking about the success of the club and it’s expansion for providing more frequent openings to various specific age groups throughout the week and Friday…

  • Frodsham Youth Market

    Frodsham Youth Market Will be open on the 5th November from 12pm units 3pm at Frodsham Youth association, that will be run by young people for young. That will sEllis all kinds of things from crafts to gadgets…… so do please make an appearance and support the youth of Frodsham!

  • Frodsham proposed 20mph limits

    I was always brought up on the belief that there is no such thing as a bad idea, well I think Cheshire west has no longer made this the case! Cheshire West and Chester cabinet voted favourably to introduce 20 mph speed limits where appropriate, across the borough, as part of a £200,000 scheme per…

  • Frodsham Youth Association Annual Meeting

    INVITATION TO ANNUAL MEETING Over the last five years we’ve experienced amazing growth: in 2010 the club was close to closing, with only 10 people attending the single weekly session. Last year we ran activities over a number of nights in the week for over 150 young people aged 8 to 19 from Frodsham and…