David Cameron

On Friday the 24th of June we all woke up to learn the result of Thursday’s referendum – that of course was leave!

So what’s next? We don’t know.

But I do know this.

To the Prime Minister’s credit, he promised us a referendum on our EU membership and a renegotiation, and so he was true on his word.

With his leadership we have seen the UK rise out of economic ruin inherited. Where we were borrowing £1.00 in every £4.00 we spent. As well as creating:

  • 3 Million Apprenticeships

  • 2 Million more jobs – with employment at its highest since records began.

  • We had the fastest growing economy in the G7

  • The living wage

  • Help to Buy

  • Fuel duty frozen for 6 consecutive years

  • Delivering powers to the region

  • The Runcorn Widnes bridge

  • The Halton Curve – via Graham Evans

  • Wisper quitter M56 – again via Graham Evans

  • And much, much more

For which David Cameron will go down in history as one of Britain’s greatest Prime Ministers. Regardless of what you voted on Thursday, I know that this country can once again unite as a ONE NATION.

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