Archive for Month: July 2016

  • Ward Walk

    What a good night it was to have a ward walk with our PCSO, Police Community Support Officer, Neil Flanagan and my ward colleague Cllr Caroline Ashton this evening; walking down a few of our roads to talk to residents and address the issues that matter to our residents. I think this is a good an informal way…

  • David Cameron

    On Friday the 24th of June we all woke up to learn the result of Thursday’s referendum – that of course was leave! So what’s next? We don’t know. But I do know this. To the Prime Minister’s credit, he promised us a referendum on our EU membership and a renegotiation, and so he was…

  • FTC Advertisement

    Thanks to Paul Smith, Princeway Health Centre manager, I was successful in getting Frodsham Town Council meeting notices on their TV screens in the surgery. This is a new way of informing the community in a prominent place of the town.

  • Frodsham Downhill Run

    Me and my nephews completed the Frodsham Down Hill run, not in a fantastic time, but nonetheless we had fun participating.      

  • The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

    What an honour! Fun was had by all, I had the great privilege of organising the Queen’s 90th celebrations at Castle Park on Thursday the 21st, April – the Queens actual birthday- that couldn’t haven’t be achieved without the help of Councillor Caroline Ashton, Councillor Sara Wakefield and last but not least our Town Clerk,…