Churchfields is now open

Churchfields now open  after four years of waiting, it is here.

As you can see from the images below, the site is a great improvement upon what it was. I along with councillors Sara Wakefield, Caroline Ashton with her dog,  Malcolm Poulton, Tom Reynolds, Borough councillor Lynn Riley and last but not least our mayor Fran Sutton – who greatly opened this park on a surprisingly nice day.

Here’s what our mayor had to say:

Good afternoon and welcome.

I am Cllr Fran Sutton, mayor of Frodsham and this is Jess Capel – one of our Junior mayors – unfortunately Charlie Villiers can be with us today.

It’s our great pleasure and honour to reopen this play area but before we do I would just like to say a few words. Thank you to the residents for their valued input and working close with the council.
To my fellow councillors for the backing of the project and to the contractors who worked hard to get the play area ready.

I hope our under 14’s get great enjoyment from using this revitalised area for many years to come. This has always been a beautiful place and now we do have the 21st Century play equipment but the community orchard soon to have fruit for all to pick. It’s a place for everyone to enjoy and be proud of.

Now I will ask Jess to cut the ribbon.”


Churchfields is part of a Frodsham Town council play strategy to renovate a number of parks around Frodsham, which you can find out more information by click here.