Live lounge

As you might know, the community centre received a grant of £1000 from Aviva to spend on the live lounge, a multipurpose room, to decorate to reflect a more modern and contemporary décor. The money covered a whole range of things including £400 spent on a new PA system.

Yesterday I volunteered to help out at the community centre, although after all the painting and decorating had been done, to clean up after the main refurbishment. As you can see from the images, the live lounge looks much better then it use to. And I’m sure that those who volunteered their time that their efforts are much appreciated, as well as the office staff from Frodsham town council helping out during a tem building exercise.

Live lounge 005 Live lounge 005 Before

 Live lounge 004 Live lounge 003 After

Live lounge 002 Myself cleaning the lobby

 As you can see, I think this is something everyone would agree is a much welcome improvement; a more modern and contemporary looking finish. This is the direction in which the centre should be going down, modernisation, as it is now having to compete with every Tom, Dick and Harry as social clubs, village halls, and churches etc. are all in the business of leasing out their spaces. And because of this coupled with a drop in footfall upon the centre, its existence its being brought into question – because for the first time the centre is struggling to cover its costs. Currently their is a review happening that is to determine the future of the centre to identify areas of potential improvement, e.g. marketing. The centre doesn’t at the moment market itself to capitalise on such assets as the enormous outdoor space and its large hall with lighting systems, stage and technical equipment; as well as a lack of volunteers, which again it doesn’t advertise for e.g. volunteers to support venues such as manning the bar when its required, helping run the centre, set up events etc.